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PPRC At Work


PPRC Chairman - Hon. Justice Patrick Omalade HamiltonPPRC Chairman - Hon. Justice Patrick Omalade Hamilton


APPWA Convention at the Family Kingdom on the 21st and 22nd_November 2017APPWA Convention at the Family Kingdom on the 21st and 22nd November 2017


Cross_section_of_Members_discussing_the_way_forward_at_APPWA_convention_held_at_Family_Kingdom_on_the_21st_22nd_November_2017Cross section of Members discussing the way forward at APPWA convention held at Family Kingdom on the 21st 22nd November 2017


Swab team at work as political party members looks onParticipants at the Revised Code of conduct workshop at British Council on the 15th November 2017


PPRC revising the Political Parties Code of Conduct at the British CouncilPPRC revising the Political Parties Code of Conduct at the British Council



Constitutional Mandate Of PPRC

The PPRC Act No3 of 2002 gives the Commission the mandate to:

1. Register and supervise the conduct of political parties in accordance with the 1991 Constitution and the Political Parties Act of 2002;

2. Monitor the affairs or conduct of political parties to ensure compliance with the constitution of Sierra Leone, the Political Parties Act, and the terms and conditions of their registration;

3. Monitor the accountability of political parties to their membership and to the electorate of Sierra Leone;

4. Promote political pluralism and spirit of constitutionalism among political parties;

5. When approached by persons or parties concerned, to mediate any conflict or disputes between or among the leadership of any political party or between or among political parties;

6. To do all such things as will contribute to the attainment of good conduct of political parties;

Operational Independence Of PPRC

Pursuant to Section 34 (5) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, the Commission shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority except in the circumstance where political parties are aggrieved with a decision of the Commission. In such a case, the party concerned may appeal to the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone and the decision of the Court shall be final.

Powers Of The Commission

The commission reserves the right to refuse to register political parties if they fail to meet the provisions stated in section 35 subsection (5) of the 1991 Constitution, to de-register a political party if it is deemed dormant or fails to meet other provisions stated in Section 27 of the Political Parties Act of 2002. Additionally, pursuant to Section 10 of the Political Parties Act, any person who wilfully obstructs or otherwise interferes with the Commission or its members or officers in the discharge of the functions of the Commission commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine.


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Commissioner & Staff

The Chairman

- Hon. Justice Patrick Omalade Hamilton

2. The Commissioners

- Mohamed N'fa Alie Conteh

- Alhaji Muctarr B. WilliamP-P0"

- Babatunde D R Pratt Esq.

 3. The Secretary

Haja Mariama Serray Kallay

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