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PPRC Chairman - Hon. Justice Patrick Omalade HamiltonPPRC Chairman - Hon. Justice Patrick Omalade Hamilton


APPWA Convention at the Family Kingdom on the 21st and 22nd_November 2017APPWA Convention at the Family Kingdom on the 21st and 22nd November 2017


Cross_section_of_Members_discussing_the_way_forward_at_APPWA_convention_held_at_Family_Kingdom_on_the_21st_22nd_November_2017Cross section of Members discussing the way forward at APPWA convention held at Family Kingdom on the 21st 22nd November 2017


Swab team at work as political party members looks onParticipants at the Revised Code of conduct workshop at British Council on the 15th November 2017


PPRC revising the Political Parties Code of Conduct at the British CouncilPPRC revising the Political Parties Code of Conduct at the British Council



The PPRC has performed well in the discharge of its mandate through the promotion of democracy and building of a culture of peace within and among political parties. In addition to facilitating peaceful and successful elections, the Commission through the UN also provided support to political parties, empowered women and youths and worked closely with the media to reduce political tensions in the country.


1. The following were provided to APPWA (All Political Parties Women Association), APPYA (All Political Parties Youths Association) and the four registered Political Parties (APC, SLPP, PMDC, NDA)

  • A.  Vehicles
  • B.  Motorbikes
  • C.  Bicycles
  • D.  Stationery
  • E.  Office equipment

The aforementioned supports given by UN was to strengthen their roles and responsibility in order to institutionally capacitate them in the areas of conflict mediation, Political tolerance and increasing the participation of  women in all political activities.

2. The Commission, with support from the UN Peace Building Fund (PBF), brought together leaders of Political Parties and key stakeholders to discuss the consolidation of peace, political tolerance, and non-violence in the electioneering process. This led to the formulation and signing of the Bintumani Declaration of 2012.

3. To ensure better management of parties’ financial resources, Political Party officials were trained in Political Finance and safe keeping of accounts, liabilities and assets in compliance with the Political Parties Act of 2002.

4. The Commission also succeeded in de-registering 23 dormant political parties. These parties failed to meet the provisions stated in Section 27 of the Political Parties Act of 2002.

5. Additionally, the Commission carried out several inspections of party premises across the country.


The Commission also received support from international partners for various activities including institutional capacity building in the areas of conflict mediation, increasing the participation of women in the 2012 Elections, and in the sensitization of Paramount Chiefs in managing political issues. At the recently concluded BUILDING RESOURCES IN DEMOCRACY, GOVERNANCE AND ELECTIONS (BRIDGE) training, funded by the UN, the Commission trained 35 of its core staff in the areas of Political Financing, Disclosure and Regulations, Mediation, Electoral Dispute Resolution, Effective Political Education, Media and Elections amongst others.


To increase the participation of women in politics, the PPRC with support from the UN,   created the All Political Parties Women’s Association (APPWA). Drawn from the ten (10) registered political parties in the country, APPWA was established in 2011 toadvocate for the political emancipation of women through series of programmes and activities including constituency outreach meetings, regional validation tour, advocacy, capacity building programmes, among others. The association raised the awareness of women to register and exercise their franchise, and closely observed the 2012 multi-tier elections.

Recognizing the vulnerability of youths during periods of political activity, the PPRC with support from the UN Peace Building Fund and with the consent of the leadership of the 10 political parties in the country, created a youth association, The All Political Parties Youth Association.

The Association aims to sensitize youths on issues of peace and stability within and outside their political parties.

To this end, the Association has undertaken several activities that have helped in promoting peace and stability across the country and even beyond Sierra Leone. Some of these activities include but are not limited to Community Outreach Activities, Election Observation and Non-Violence Campaign, 10% Affirmative Action sensitization, training programmes, District and Regional engagements. The PPRC believes this is a step in the right direction and is happy to report a reduction in youth violence during the past elections as a result of the creation of this association.


The District Code Monitoring Committees (DCMCs) is another arm created by the PPRC and supported by the Peace Building Fund. The DCMCS can best be described as “first aid treatments given to an injured man in a place where there is no doctor”. The group comprises of political party members, traditional leaders, representatives from the National Electoral Commission (NEC), National Commission for Democracy(NCD), Civil Society Organisations, the Security Sector and the Media.

The Committees meet bi-weekly to address issues that threaten the peace and security, and further initiate ideas on how to keep the peace in the country. They have contributed immensely especially in areas where the Commission do not have offices.

The creation of the aforementioned groups (APPWA, APPYA, DCMC’s) have benefited the Commission and the country as a whole. Their interventions in certain areas mitigated violence and human rights abuses. They were also actively involved in non-violence sensitization, political education and other activities. At the end of the elections, the said associations each presented a copy of the observation reports to the Commission.


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